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November 23, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012: PENSHOPPE

I am not a fashionista.  I am a plain jane.  Jeans and tees are my thing, but I still try to dress up occasionally and love to doll up as well like any other girl.  Although, going on fashion events ain't my thing, it all changed just because of one insanely idea... "I want to see Mario Maurer."  ^_^

So, I went to see the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012, at the SMX Hall 2, on October 29th, 2011.

As funny or crazy as it may sound, I still have to thank him for the experience.  At least I get to see how an actual runway looks like, and how gorgeous the models are in real life!  You can't blame me, I only see them and the runway on TV, thanks to Tyra Banks and Lifestyle Network! LOL

Penshoppe made it easy for fans to see the Spring Summer Collection for ordinary people at the Philippine Fashion Week with just 2 ways (as I recall with their INVASION promo):

  1. Customers are entitled to a (2) PFW Invites for every Php 1,000 purchase in a single receipt from October 21-23 at SM North Edsa, Trinoma, Glorietta, and SM Megamall. 
  2. Customers who were at the Press Conference need only Php 300 worth of purchased item at SM MOA, and present their Press Con passes to avail of (1) PFW Invite.
Me and my friends grab the 2nd option since we were at the Mario Maurer Fan Conference the day before, and we're glad we did! 

The PFW Invite (front)
The PFW Invite (back)
The venue
Outside of Hall 2, SMX

Penshoppe showcased their upcoming collections featuring, The Holiday, White Summer, Color and Stripes,  and the new Denimlab designs. 


The highlight of the show was the introduction of Penshoppe's new endorser, Mario Maurer,   and the reason why I was at the event in the first place. :)  A short clip of his photo shot was first shown to the audience, and everyone as expected went wild with anticipation.   When Mario walked out of the stage, his face showed nervousness and surprise, seeing that a lot of fans were there to support him.  He walked the ramp in a white long sleeves, with grey-washed jeans, and yellowish boots.  

Even celebs are in awe!

After the fashion show, my friends and I tried out the stage for some photo-op! ^_^

The stage view
Manilyn and I feeling fab! :D
At the ramp.
Me in Mario's eyes (kilig!) LOL
Nicest thing is getting free loot bags! I like it, very earth-friendly.
Sheena ~ you look so mowdel here!

Celebrity spotted! Feeling celebs din kami!

Paolo Bediones

Vicky Herrera
Philip - a model and cousin of the Magalona kids

Me and my friends had a wonderful Fashion Week experience thanks to Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer.   Sadly, a lot were not able to come in that night, because the venue was too small for the attendees, and Penshoppe didn't expect that a lot would come to the show.  The good news is, that there will be another Fashion Show for those who stayed outside Hall 2.   Penshoppe brings you: 

Penshoppe Summer 2012

Featuring Mario Maurer

December 13, 2011
SMX Convention Center Hall 4
Gates open at 6:30 PM
Show starts at 8:00 PM

Just follow these instructions to claim your new invites:
  1. Go to any of the following boutiques on the specified dates and look for The Encore booth inside the store. Participating boutiques: Penshoppe Mall of Asia, Penshoppe Glorietta, Penshoppe Megamall and Penshoppe Trinoma
  2. The Encore booth dates: November 25-27, 2011 and December 2-4, 2011 (11:00 AM – 8:00 PM)
  3. Present a valid ID and surrender your old Philippine Fashion Week SS 2012 invite. If a representative will claim your invite, representative should present letter of authorization plus a copy of your valid ID.
  4. Sign the registration sheet.
  5. Only those who pre-registered via will be given new invites. If you registered more than one name, the additional names are also included in our database.

Take note of the following event reminders:
  1. Gates open at 6:30 PM.
  2. This event is exclusive for people who were not able to enter Penshoppe’s show last Philippine Fashion Week. No physical event invite, no entry rule will be strictly implemented.
  3. The invite guarantees you entry to the event. We have a bigger venue for this event so rest assured that every single person will be seated and accommodated. However, seating arrangements are strictly on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Cameras & video recorders are allowed.
  5. As per Mario Maurer’s management, there will be no individual/group photo session or autograph signing with Mario.
  6. Invites are strictly not for sale.

While writing this blog, I realized that my entire outfit that day were all from Penshoppe, except for my flats. :)  That's all for the love of Mario & Penshoppe.

November 18, 2011


"No measure of time with you will be long enough.   But we'll start with forever." 
~ Edward Cullen

One of the much anticipated movie of the year, and worldwide phenomenon, Breaking Dawn Part 1  from the Twilight Saga just had it's premiere gala, last night, November 17th, 2011, 8PM, at the SM Premiere Cinema, Mall of Asia

The theater were full of Twilight enthusiasts eager to catch the film first before it's scheduled public screening on November 18th, just like me, my sister Mae, and her buddy Jazzie. =)

The event kicked off with a brief program including raffling of prizes from the sponsors. Too bad they didn't raffle off Twilight items like, DVDs, posters, T-shirts, etc which I hoped for, and perhaps the entire audience, because it seemed that only a handful showed interest. That's a pity (I know right?)  Anyhow, I still get to take home something, as all of the movie goers were able to receive freebies too like Alaska Yogurt Drink, Duty Free Complimentary Card, Schick Razors, and Breaking Dawn 2012 Calendar.

Advanced screenings were also held simultaneously that night at Cinemas 3 & 4 of Mall of Asia, and at Cinema 8 of SM Megamall for customers who availed promos from Ensogo, Groupon, SM, and Astroplus.

Our Wedding Invitation a.k.a Premiere Tickets

Melai and Jazzie

Freebies at the red carpet!

The freebies plus the premiere ticket.
I am very much impressed with how Taylor Lautner's character as Jacob, and how his acting abilities have grown in this film (sorry, I am on Team Jacob ^_^) This time too, I get to see the sexier side of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, and Robert Pattinson is still as charming as before being Edward Cullen. Oh, and by the way, the baby Renesme is really cute! Better grab your tickets now to see it for yourself, and tell me who's side are you on? =)

FYI: Please make sure you stay after the closing credits because there's still more, and it's worth the wait! 

November 16, 2011


For those who have experienced the Jason Mraz fever last October 30th at the Araneta Colisuem, here's what Mr.A-Z has to say.  Can't help sharing it to everyone... 

 "I wished I’d have taken an extra breath before walking onto the Coliseum stage in Manila last week. The 11,000 strong audience was the largest ever to attend one of our headlining “intimate” acoustic performances. I can’t think of a room as grand or recall a crowd as excited.

According to astrology and the calculations shared with me about my human design, I have a gate open that can’t help but feel and feed the needs of others. Such as, if there’s a person in the room who isn’t enjoying the party, I will bring myself down to their level to empathize with them, or make it my mission to see they enjoy the party. I’ve been know to flee physically or mentally because the pressure of their unhappiness becomes mine and is too much to bear.

 I took the stage in Manila with that gate open, experiencing the very level of excitement and anticipation the crowd was conjuring. 11 thousand pairs of eyes and ears all directed at us, which tricked me into thinking the experience of 11 thousand was on my shoulders. Consumed with thought while playing songs I hadn’t attempted in years, I slipped in and out of consciousness wondering if the essence of the songs were being received all the way at the top of the arena. I would bounce back and forth between the support of the lyrics reminding me that I won’t worry my life away, and the future conversations I would have with my agent and management to please not book me in rooms built for sport. My music at heart is made up of mellow, lyric driven compositions. That is especially obvious on this acoustic tour and I simply haven’t the tools to keep a Coliseum quiet.

 However, keeping a Coliseum at bay is a made-up demand. By the sound of the crowd at the end of the show, no one noticed what was going on in my head. The audience would have accepted anything I gave them as they did with my inaudible and apparently invisible shortcomings that night. Don’t let your mind stop you from having a good time right?

 The experience in Taipei a few nights later was the complete opposite, not just because of the beautiful theatre or well tuned sound system or the smaller crowd of 3500, but largely due to our taking one extra breath to be in the moment just before we walked onstage. That changed everything. Of course, the lessons from the Manila show were weighing heavy on my mind and I knew what I did and didn’t want to do onstage regardless of how the audience would react. The final backstage hour before the show was just as hectic if not more than in Manila, but by taking that extra breath, I realigned myself and seemed to have closed the aforementioned gate, protecting my heart and stomach, giving me absolute freedom to express what I wished to express that night, making it a far more magical experience in the end. One of my gurus recently asked me put more silence in the show. I remembered that only after playing in Manila where I thought I needed to keep something happening at all times. Taipei was the first place I got to practice that intentional silence and wouldn’t you know it, the audience slipped neatly into my pocket, or in a coma. Either way. It was golden.

 All tours usually begin with a warm-up show and in this case our warm-up show was viewed by 11,000 people. No big deal. I don’t mean to undermine their experience by suggesting in this blog that I didn’t give my best performance. About 20 minutes into the show I woke up and told the crowd what was going on. That moment became the breath I needed. And by the end of the show I had grown so comfortable in my skin that I mentioned it in the improvisation leading into I’m Yours. The response in the Philippines has been overwhelming and I look forward to getting back there again soon.

Also, be sure to check out MTV Exit: a rad campaign to End Exploitation and Human Trafficking. MTV abroad is wise to have hosted more than 30 concerts on this topic and I got to participate in one while in Manila as well as visit and perform at a rehabilitation shelter for girls rescued from trafficking. The migratory region of southeast Asia is especially susceptible to this epidemic where humans, mostly young girls, are kidnapped, bought and sold to be servants or sex slaves. CNN has recently joined the fight too, placing their watchful eye on the modern day slavery issue. Visit any of these sights to learn more:"

Photos of the 11,000 Jason Mraz screaming fans in Manila:

I know he got too stressed during the concert, thinking how to keep his audience happy, as if it is an artist's responsibility.  Yes, it may be true for someone on stage performing, but I want to assure you Mr.A-Z, that each crowd is different, and in this case, Filipinos are really loud and enthusiastic, because we all love you. So whatever you do on stage, we'll embrace it with all our heart, even if you messed up some of the lyrics... LOL...

What i'm saying is,"Lift your head, baby, don't be scared, of the things that could go wrong along the way... Don't let it bring you down, and turn your face into a frown, you'll get along with a little prayer and song..." (I got that from Eraserheads' song "With A Smile.") Have faith in us, your Filipino fans. ^_^

Again, we're very much eager to see you on stage again next year! Thank you for that wonderful night, a perfect way to end my birthday month! I'll assure you, I had a blast! ^_^

If you want to see what happened to me that night, read my previous post: LOVING MR.A-Z.

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November 12, 2011

3 STARS AND THE SON ~ Elmo Magalona

I cannot help but put this on my blog.  This one's trending at #1 in the Philippines earlier.  I really thought it was just the song of the Master Rapper, Francis Magalona, with the same title (3 Stars and the Sun), but after taking a really good look at it, the title says, "3 STARS AND THE SON," and so now the new kid had just release his first track on his upcoming album!

 lot of people have been giving nice reviews and comments on this, and so curiosity strucked me, I hit on play, listened to it, and was surprised that this is a new track that everyone's going gaga over with since its release last night at
11:11pm, November 11th, 2011!  Don't you just call it LUCKY or just pure talent?  I would say talent and charm! *wink! :) 


This would definitely be a hit song! I'm not a musician but I do know how to appreciate great music.  Nice blending between Billy Crawford, Jay-R, Kris Lawrence, and of course Elmo Magalona!  Kudos guys! 

Play the song so you'll know what I mean! :)

Lyrics are here too if you want to sing-along with it!

3 Stars and The Son (feat. Kris Lawrence, Jay-R and Billy Crawford)
Elmo Magalona


Guess who’s the new kid on the block
Taking my game straight to the top
Knocking these joints out one by one
3 stars and the son, we just havin fun

Verse 1

I know I’m 17 but I got big dreams
3 stars I’m the son yeah that’s my team
Rocking shows that’s my thing, though I don’t wear no bling
I got my own swag lemme show you what I mean
Y’all know my name, I’m switchin lanes for fame
Big shoes to fill, I got it all for real
I represent for my pop, rest in peace with the God
I’m the untouchable kid, ain’t no time to stop
All the lessons I’m learnin, stay on my grind as I’m workin
Got all the help that I’m gettin, haters back up get ya steppin
Pop’s got my back up in heaven, yo I know he be watchin
Guidin me through this while I be spittin, Imma make him proud ‘til I finish yup


Verse 2

By now y’all know what the business is
While other kids play this boy’s serious
Ain’t got no time for the booty poppin, I see them ladies jockin
Now watch what I say when the beat comes knockin
Hot and fresh out the kitchen, I’m young and fly with a mission
Now listen up pay attention, ain’t no such thing as a problem
Cuz all I got is solutions, the future’s here gotta love it
I’m having fun while I live it, crossing ova dunk while I’m winning
All the time in the world, get with the girls, stay in school gotta live n’ learn
Don’t drink don’t smoke not my concern, shining star crash and burn
Just tryna be somebody while I rock your party
3 stars, yeah I’m the son tell everybody


Kris L:
Im the first star in this all-star team
I gotta give it up
Cuz im living my dream
Can i get an EY-YO
3 Stars takin over your radio

Now it’s my turn
And they call me Jay-Star
Shinin so bright
See me comin from afar
Known as the prince of RnB
It’s about that time we lift this industry

I ain’t tryna fool you
Im the 3rd star in this crew
Low drop it low
Lil Moe we got it all for you
Droppin these hits like it ain’t a thang
3 stars and the Son we just doin our thang
Guess who’s the new kid on the block
Taking my game straight to the top
Knocking these joints out one by one
3 stars and the son we just having fun (we just having fun) (2x)
3 stars and the son we just having fun


November 10, 2011


I dreamt of traveling around the world and spend months on one country just to learn their language, culture, taste their food, and dress up like a local.  I want to explore and expand my boundaries.

Love your own. Before seeking other cultures, why not explore first the Motherland, right? That was my thought, plus it's less costly. ^_^

Although I have not been able to travel at least half of the world nor explore at least half of our native land, I would still say that having been to PALAWAN is like discovering a very precious gem.  No other word can best describe it's wonders, as it simply shines on its own.

The first time I've visited Palawan was in 2007, with my four best-girls (Aissa, Chary, Jalet, Malen,) and my constant travel buddies. It was from then on, that we have realized how blessed we Filipinos are for having this majestic nature, and how great God is for creating this wonderful architecture!

Let me tour you around Puerto Princesa, Palawan through pictures.

As soon as we arrived at the Puerto Princesa Aiport, we can't help ourselves but goofed around the camera and posed.  This spelled E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T for us!

By the way, please don't get confused. I know Jalet's native bag says Boracay. 
We are not in Bora, Palawan po kami, Palawan, hahaha. Mabuti na ang klaro! =)

During our 5-day vacay, we stayed at Aissa's relatives, Tita Lelet and Tito Rolly Conadera's house. 

To Tita Lelet
and Tito Rolly: Thank you po for all those delicious foods and taking good care of us, kahit magulo kami! hehehe... Until our next visit po :)

On our first day of visit, immediately after eating brunch prepared for us by Tita Lelet, we started our tour of Palawan.  One of the first few stops we did was at BAKER'S HILL. 

Baker's Hill is like a small-village themed-park with mini-zoos, human-sized statues, cottages, bakery, and some benches for you to dine in.

It's actually situated on a hill overlooking the city. You'll know you've arrived at Baker's Hill as soon as you smell freshly baked cookies and pastries! Yummy!

Other tourist spots we went to were the following:






Prison or being imprisoned is an idea that I would always shake off my mind, yet Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, is like heaven for prisoners, as it is essentially a village and not a prison.  There's no tight security in the area, when you visit the place you'll see the prisoners just anywhere, and no one tried to escape despite of because they are like free men out there!  They are given the chance to live with their families while they serve their sentence and are provided with vocational activities of their choice.  The people are all friendly.  I even bought a lot of souveniers from them like figurines, keychains, picture frames, etc as a pasalubong and to help them earn a living.  So, if you are in Palawan, please visit them too. :)


The Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is also known as CROCODILE FARMING INSTITUTE.  They are built to conserve two species of crocodiles (Crocodylus Porosus & Crocodylus Mindorensis.)   They have cages for baby crocs and adult crocs, plus you can also take a photo of you holding a baby croc if you're brave enough to carry one. =)  

The Hungry Baby Crocs :)

The entire trip won't be complete if you don't visit Palawan's UNDERGROUND RIVER, located in Sabang.  I recalled it was a long and dusty drive just to get there.  The roads weren't concrete at the time, so it was a bumpy ride for us too, but now I have heard that new roads and a new resort were already built to give tourist more comfort in traveling.

To get to the Palawan Subterranean River National Park itself from Sabang, you have to take a banca ride from the port. I believe it would take you 30 minutes or less, but as soon as you get there, the travel is really worth it!

When we arrived at the island, we still have to trek inside the well-preserved forest.  I easily get tired walking but this one's different, I enjoyed every minute of it, even if it was a bit scary for me.  Pardon me, I'm a city girl and since this is a virgin forest the thought of snakes and bayawak may just be roaming around is really frightening. =(  Oh well, I guess that's the result of too much adventure movies.

The nicest thing though is even if you're scared, your friends will always be there to make it all away. *wink! So, say cheese!

Inside the forest, there's another route you can take if you are really up for adventure.  You can choose to explore the
MONKEY TRAIL.  It is that long wood stairs going deep into the forest, parang mala-Tarzan na trail going to Tarzan's house, hehehe.  My thought at first, "maybe we will see the herd of monkeys as soon as we reach the top," but no! 

To my surprise, the monkeys were everywhere on the trail! I wasn't sure if too much sunlight has blinded me or if the monkeys camouflaged themselves so effectively, that's why I didn't see them ahead of time, 

After that 10-15minutes forest walk, we arrived at our destination! 
 My jaw dropped in awe, as soon as I see this clear blue river and the cave hole.  Hello, Underground River! 

The banca would be able to accommodate seven passengers including the guide.  Since we are five girls traveling, a solo-backpacker from Russia or Scotland (I can't remember) joined us.  
Ready? (at si kuya all-smile din, hehehe)

It was super exciting! Papasok pa lang kami ng cave and I felt like I am just about to discover a hidden treasure!

The Underground River also is a home to other cove dwelling faunas such as bats.

Inside, we saw a lot of stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes and sizes.  The one below looks like a big corn.

As we go deep into the river trail, naging blackout ang paligid at sobrang tahimik.  It was too quiet that I can only hear my own breathing; and the only thing that helped us  see our way was the light from our banca.  According to our manong guide, if we will still continue our journey until the other side of the river, mahihirapan na kaming huminga kasi nga sobrang kulob na 'yung place and wala ng masyadong hangin na pumapasok.  Plus, it would be dangerous since there might be crocodiles and other other living creatures that are not used to any disturbance from tourists.

On our way back to
Puerto Princesa from our Sabang adventure, we stopped at LION CAVE for some caving experience!

It was another long walk from the main road to get to the cave. It was not easy going there, even if we have a kuyang tour guide.  Masakit sa paa promise!  But when we reached our destination, parang another scene lang sa "Indiana Jones'" ang aming nakita!  Another adrenaline rush for me!

Because we are in Palawan, dapat syempre mag-island-hopping at bisitahin ang beach!




Food-trip is one of the best perks in traveling.  I love coffees, sundaes, and cakes, that's why I was so glad that we found Palawan's very own version of Starbucks, the

Their beverages and cakes are not that sweet and super delicious! What's more is that, their price is really cheap, ranging from 50 pesos to only a hundred for your frappe!

And they come with their signature dolls,
the Lolo and Lola. Super cute!

Ok, wag ulet malito, asa Palawan pa din kami at hindi sa Vigan! hahaha

With all of these adventures, wouldn't you agree that PALAWAN is one hot-spot in the Philippines that you shouldn't miss visiting? If you love the place as I did, why not go ahead and VOTE for Palawan's Underground River as one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

My pictures say a thousand words.  If the Underground River wins, the entire nation wins!

Text your vote now, by sending PPUR to 2861 or by visiting