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January 24, 2012


When I heard that KATY PERRY will be at the MOA Atrium, I went wild!  I became even wilder when I learned I could have her sign my CD! Getting to hug Katy? Priceless! =)

After work, I hurried to MOA to try my luck if there are still perfumes with Meet and Greet Passes available.  Yes, you have to buy a 100ML of Katy Perry's PURR Perfume, the first of her scent, worth ₱3,700 to have have photo op with Katy, herself.  You can also enter in the venue by purchasing the smaller bottle, but no photo op.  I hope her second scent, MEOW would soon be available in the Philippines too.

Here are the pictures I have during the "Get Up Close and PURR-sonal with Katy Perry" at the Mall of Asia Atrium, last Saturday, January 21, 2012, at 2pm.

My Pass:

The "PURR" 

My Signed Perfume and CD:

Kareen with Katy!

My sister with Katy:

While waiting:
(Thanks to PIX AVENUE)

The Stage:

Local Stars - Spotted:

The Crowd:

The eager crowd waited 2 1/2 hours, until Katy Perry arrived at about 4:35pm.  The fans were all tired standing up and were upset because no one from the organizers was brave enough to stand on stage to inform us what's going on, until TIM YAP, who hosted the launch, went up on stage, welcomed everyone who came, and played a Q and A game with the crowd.  

All that negative feelings went away (talking about myself) when Katy finally arrived at the Mall of Asia, passing from Watson's to the stage at the Atrium!  The crowd including myself, of course went wild, "Kaaatyyyyyy!!!!!!!"  
All that waiting is really worth it! 

January 12, 2012

THE CREAMERY, Resto and Ice Cream Bar

I am crazy over ice cream!  My favorite flavors are anything with mangoes or chocolates!  Actually, I eat any flavored ice creams, but for strawberries, as I find it too sweet for my taste.   So, I got too excited when I saw a deal from for banana-split creations from The Creamery for only ₱69,which are valued at ₱185!  Not bad right?  

I've passed by this resto for a couple of times before at the Mall of Asia, but never actually visited the place.  I find it too posh and thought that their food must be really expensive, so I am glad that Ensogo had a deal for me, so I grab 3 vouchers!  3 vouchers to taste their 3 banana-split variants, and I brought my sister, Melai and my friend Joanne with me to enjoy these flavors

The first one we had was the Old Fashioned Banana Split.  It's the classic rendition of banana halves lounging in between scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream sprinkled with nuts, crushed pineapple and strawberry syrup and finished off with whipped cream and cherries.

Old Fashioned Banana Split

Next was the Choo Choo Train, a banana split loaded with mango, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream served with chocolate-dipped wafer cone, fresh banana halves, cherry, and whipped cream.  Now this spelled heaven for me! =)  I loved the presentation too!

Choo Choo Train

The last one we tried was the Melba Banana Split. I forgot to ask them why they called it Melba, but this one has banana and peach halves lying side by side with vanilla, mango, and strawberry ice cream topped with roasted nuts, whipped cream and cherry.  The combination of flavors are awesome, even if it had strawberries in it, I liked it!

Melba Banana Split

The Creamery, isn't just an Ice Cream Bar, they also have pastas, rice meals, salads, and sandwiches for those who want to have something heavy.   Since, it has always been a habit for me to take in any normal food before I have my ice cream,  I ordered a salad while my sister tried one of their club sandwiches.

Their Oriental Salad had mixed greens, fried wanton strips, mango slices, tomato wedges, mixed with mango oriental dressing.  I soo loved this taste!  The dressing has both sweetness and sourness in it which I really like.  This plate alone is already heavy for the tummy.  

Oriental Salad, ₱155 
The Prime Burger on the other hand, used wheat bread and pure beef patty, topped with bacon, pineapple, onion, tomato, lettuce, mayo.

Prime Burger₱255

Aside from their great food, their ambiance is one of a kind too.  It attracts both kids and kids at heart.  I even felt like I was in a dreamland!  Kudos for an amazing interior!

Bakery for their pastries and cakes.

Ice Cream Factory for their kitchen.

The Barn for their dining area.

Creamery Bus is where they prepare their ice creams.

The attention to details of the interior was interesting. Look! They even have a Weather Vane (and according to Mr. Webster, it's used to measure wind direction.)  Now let's review the weather instruments! Hahahaha.

Town Hall is also known as the crew's headquarters.

Coming here is like a wonderland. Bring in the entire family and you'll definitely enjoy it!  

Joanne, enjoying her Melba! =)

The Creamery, Resto and Ice Cream Bar
G/F Selecta Kids Universe, South Bldg., SM Mall of Asia, Bay Boulevard, Pasay City 

For inquiries and party reservations, please contact us:
Phone: 556 – 9195 / 901 - 1424

January 09, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines!

"It's more fun in the Philippines," is the most recent campaign of the Department of Tourism for our country to gain more visitors from around the globe.  The campaign name itself is catchy, matched with its logo, that signifies the Filipino's colorful culture and heritage.

The slogan was even reported trending #1 via twitter an hour after DOT released the campaign.  Sadly, this ad, again shows that we do not have any originality as this is yet another copycat from a Swiss' 1951 ad.

The first time was when DOT released a slogan, very much similar with Poland's.

Honestly, I think the old DOT's campaign when Sec. Gordon was still the head, was very unique and was indeed a success.  In case we couldn't come up with anything original, I believe we can still use this.

However, I can still give the new campaign a thumbs up!  The logo has much more color and vibrant. It talks so much about the Philippines, and the people.  Foreigners who have been in the country can attest how wonderful it is to come here, hence, "it's more fun in the Philippines."

You may visit for more information.

For me, "It's more fun in the Philippines" because:

Want more creative boards? Check this out:


MOA EYE is the newest attraction at the San Miguel By The Bay, Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  True to its claim of being "The Tallest and Biggest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines," it stands 180 ft. or 55 m. with thirty-six (36) air-conditioned gondolas, each carrying a maximum of six (6) passengers!

The MOA EYE, was opened to the public on December 18th, 2011 at 6PM, with tickets on a discount for only ₱100. The ride now costs ₱150. Don't worry, the wheel doesn't rotate fast like any other Ferris Wheel.  It turns slow enough for you to capture the scenery.  The entire ride takes about 10-15 minutes.   

Even when I'm at our office building, this gigantic Ferris Wheel is just an eye-view away. :)

So, on the eve of December 26th, my friends and I finally tried the MOA EYE, which we have been planning for days. I was too excited to try it out that I even forgot that I have a huge fear of heights! LOL, Hence, the first 65 seconds of my ride experience was tough. :(

The Tickets

The view

Look! It even changes it's color! :)

The Ticket Station.  Now we're ready!

I am really in awe as soon as get closed to the Ferris Wheel.  I felt like a kid again, thirst
for excitement!

When you look closely, the metal bars are really huge!

View from the side.  

Look at the lines! "Blockbuster!" =)

This is how big the gondola is.

Because I got a little dizzy on my first 65 seconds of the ride, my friend Richard was busy taking photos while we were on it, and was gracious to share all of them for this blog. (Gracias Richard!)

This is me looking scared. Hahaha!

The truth was, I was holding the metal bar all the time, except when my photos are taken. Hehehe!

My friends Richard and Joanne.

and Neil, looking all so happy! 

My friends enjoying the ride!  Ako biyahilo, toink! LOL

Look at how tight I was holding the bar!  Hahaha!

The ride is amazing promise! I enjoyed it except for the first part, LOL.  I believe it would have been more enjoyable if we take the MOA EYE in the afternoon, when the Manila Bay is still visible. I really couldn't see much except for the lights of the SMB Amusement Park, the Microtel Hotel, the cars, the mall other establishments.  So, if you are planning to experience the MOA EYE, better go there during sunset so you can have the full view of the metro!