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October 26, 2011


Months before I learned that Black Eyed Peas is coming back for another concert in the Philippines, I told my friend Richard while watching "Black Eyed Peas on 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show," on Youtube, "Sana bumalik BEP! Let's watch them ha?"  And to our surprise, our wish was granted!  The only problem was we can't afford to get the VVIP ticket and filing for a leave was impossible. Toink!

Anyhow, I still felt lucky because the concert venue is just adjacent to my office building plus, yung stage ay sa tapat ko lang from my desk (oh, well I mean sa likod ko pala) like 2-small steps away! Yipppeeee!   So, I came in earlier than my normal schedule last night for the concert, and OMG! I got the best seat in the house and it's free! hehehe.

Here are the still shots I got with my point and shot camera:

 Jam packed! 

Blockbuster sa dami ng tao! :) This is just half of SVIP & VIP Section.

 Nice stage layout!


Now for the videos I took with the same cam:

Disclaimers: Pardon me if there are a lot of background noise. =(  Also, it's my first time to tag a video so I had a bit of a problem with it. I'll make sure that the
"unregistered version" will no longer appear on my succeeding videos. If anyone knows how, can you lend me a hand? I would appreciate it! =)

I know that it would be a great feeling, if I was partying with the crowd. Perhaps I could join in next time.

For now, I'm content with what I have experienced.  Even if I'm on the 7th floor of our building, the view was awesome!  Great concert B.E.P!

The best things in life are really for free! Wouldn't you agree? =)


  1. I watched it too. VIP. Sa harap ng VIP gate wahaha. Yes, they best things in life are free :)

  2. you were there K8? you should have txted me, edi sana nakita mo kmi nina Chard. :)


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