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September 23, 2012

My MAROON 5: Meet and Greet

Friday, September 14th, 2012.  MAROON 5's 3rd Manila Concert is fast approaching.  I knew long before that Dayly Entertainment would sell out additional tickets to accommodate fans who wants to see the band; been checking Ticketnet too just to make sure the SRO tickets are still available when payday comes.  ^_^  Unluckily, tickets got sold out really soon again, hence no concert ticket for me. :(

Adam... Adam... Adam... who wouldn't want to see him in person when you can? I doubt if anyone would say Yes, I don't like to see him.   My crazy fangirl side is kicking in, so when I read somewhere that I'll get the chance to see him in person, I JOINED!  I think I signed up for every contest I could fine online just to grab concert tickets or possibly meet and greet passes.  I tried the one for BENCH, no luck.  I tried Dayly Entertainment, no luck.  I tried the one on MYX.PH, no luck.  Last chance was for the Scratch and Win Promo of MCA Music.  I learned that I could grab a scratch card upon purchase of Maroon 5's OVEREXPOSED album, so I went and tried 2 CDs at Astroplus, even if I already bought one months before, no luck.   Well at least I've got a poster and a folder of Maroon 5 after the scratch. ^_^    I was on the hype, I wanted to get some more cards! (talking about being addict LOL)

So, on my third day to try, a day before the concert, THERE IT WAS!  All but shiny card with what I've been praying for!  Thank you Astroplus! Thank you MCA Music!

I know you all are eager to see what happened during the Meet and Greet, so here they are:

We were given stickers to guarantee entrance

Our holding area.


Where it All Happened :)

My Overexposed CD and Meet and Greet Sticker

Our Hand Signed Band Photo :)

I was a bit shaky here... lol... all smiles but still shaking...

Cameras are restricted as soon as Maroon 5 is in the room. Sorry. =(   For more photos you can visit MCA Music's Facebook Page or at Astroplus' FB Page.

Another proof I won! Yehey! :)  

Before you go, let's congratulate the boys for their GOLD and PLATINUM Records ;)

Grabbed from MCA Music FB Page

I still can't believe that I was with Maroon 5! ^_^  (Sigh!)  Until next time....


  1. Deym, Kareen, you were there!You breathed the same air as he was breathing (envious mode)!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!Following you, too!

  2. Hi Marie! Oh yes literally since he's tall and all the air I could probably receive that night was anyone of them's breathing lol :)


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