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October 08, 2012

FOSTER THE PEOPLE in Manila CD Signing

FOSTER THE PEOPLE was in Manila for a one-night concert last Saturday, October 6th, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.  The American Indie Pop band is consists of Mark Foster, Cubbie Pink, Mark Pontius, Isom Innis, and Sean Cimino with the first three as the main band members.  Their single "Pumped Up Kicks,"  is my personal favorite in their TORCHES album, but I still suggest you grab the album because it is really worth it! You'll end up playing the entire album over and over and over! I swear! 

Hours before their first concert in the Philippines, the band were scheduled for a Press Conference and Album Signing at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.   The Torches Album Signing was an exclusive event for Foster The People Filipino Fans like me, so there I went!   All of us lined up at Astrovision at Edsa Shang Mall to get our passes and CDs, then after we went at the hotel where the boys are waiting.

The Holding Area

Excitement filled the room all waiting for Foster The People

This is where we thought the signing would happen =)
 After the PressCon we all lined up for the album signing.  The band and management requested that there should be no personal cameras. So S-A-D! =(

This is what I have before the boys entered the room.

The following photos were from Ivory Records Facebook Page:

For more official photos check here:  Ivory Records FB Page

My precious Signed Torches CD!

Now these came as a surprise to me too!  Hihihihi Looove It! (Sorry if they're all blurry )

with Isom Innis.  ;)

with Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill

Mark Foster
(We'll we were about to ask him for a picture but his bodyguard politely said No, so we didn't push it)

Look closely! We really didn't mean to dine where they are at but this shot is priceless! =)

Oh, and Thank you to the girls I've met:  Mads and her sisters Abigail and Mariel with their friend, Jacq.  Thank you to Jayne too for helping me get my second CD signed. =)

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