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October 14, 2012

WILSON PHILLIPS Album Signing at Robinsons Galleria

Anyone heard the lyrics: "You're in love, that's that's the way, it should be, coz I want you to be happy. You're in love and I know, that you're not in love with me, ooh it's enough for me to know that you're in love...?"  I bet you all did! It's from the song "You're In Love."

It was the song that sisters, Carnie and Wendy Wilson with Chynna Phillips are popularly known as the trio Wilson Phillips popularized. They also sang "Release Me," "The Dream Is Still Alive," and my personal favorite "Hold On" among many others.

The Wilson Phillips are in the country for a one-night concert at the Mall Of Asia Arena, on October 12, 2012.    I am just so lucky to have met them after their press conference on October 11th during their autograph session for their latest album "DEDICATED" at Robinsons Galleria Movieworld.

As expected fans from all ages came to the event including myself and my friend, Sheena.  Kiosk tables from Astroplus and Odyssey were there to sell the CDs. Each purchase will include a stub which will serve as your entrance to the main venue. 

The ladies of Wilson Phillips still looking fab! 

Chynna Phillips, Carnie Wilson, and Wendy Wilson (Left to Right)

The ladies are really sweet.  When I got the chance to talk to them, they said they are enjoying their stay in the Philippines. Carnie even shared that Filipinos are the sweetest people ever! (And that made me so proud I am one! Thanks Carnie!)

My signed CDs.
Their new album are renditions of their famous parents' (Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and Michelle Phillips and John Phillips of The Mama's and The Papa's) classic songs which they have also dedicated to them.

"Dedicated" Album's Tracks:

1. California Dreamin'
2. Wouldn't It Be Nice
3. Dedicated To The One I Love
4. Don't Worry Baby
5. Twelve Thirty
6. I Can Hear Music
7. Monday Monday
8. Do It Again
9. Got A Feelin'
10. Fun, Fun, Fun
11. God Only Knows
12. Good Vibrations

Thanks so much Wilson Phillips!  Come to Manila again sooon! 

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