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January 24, 2012


When I heard that KATY PERRY will be at the MOA Atrium, I went wild!  I became even wilder when I learned I could have her sign my CD! Getting to hug Katy? Priceless! =)

After work, I hurried to MOA to try my luck if there are still perfumes with Meet and Greet Passes available.  Yes, you have to buy a 100ML of Katy Perry's PURR Perfume, the first of her scent, worth ₱3,700 to have have photo op with Katy, herself.  You can also enter in the venue by purchasing the smaller bottle, but no photo op.  I hope her second scent, MEOW would soon be available in the Philippines too.

Here are the pictures I have during the "Get Up Close and PURR-sonal with Katy Perry" at the Mall of Asia Atrium, last Saturday, January 21, 2012, at 2pm.

My Pass:

The "PURR" 

My Signed Perfume and CD:

Kareen with Katy!

My sister with Katy:

While waiting:
(Thanks to PIX AVENUE)

The Stage:

Local Stars - Spotted:

The Crowd:

The eager crowd waited 2 1/2 hours, until Katy Perry arrived at about 4:35pm.  The fans were all tired standing up and were upset because no one from the organizers was brave enough to stand on stage to inform us what's going on, until TIM YAP, who hosted the launch, went up on stage, welcomed everyone who came, and played a Q and A game with the crowd.  

All that negative feelings went away (talking about myself) when Katy finally arrived at the Mall of Asia, passing from Watson's to the stage at the Atrium!  The crowd including myself, of course went wild, "Kaaatyyyyyy!!!!!!!"  
All that waiting is really worth it! 

KATY PERRY, thanking fans for coming!

The Meet and Greet:

During the Meet and Greet,  I loved Katy even more, not because I was able to hug her, shake her hand, and talk to her, but of her attitude towards her fans.

Whenever a fan would get up on stage, Katy would always stand up, look you in the eyes, and would firmly shake your hand while she says, "Hi, I'm Katy! What's your name?"  The only time she would sit down is when she needs to sign your perfume.  When you tell her something, expect that she would really listen to you, and she really does!  
Look at my photos below for proof! ^_^

My overall experience meeting Katy is indescribable, but I was star-trucked! Thank you Katy for letting me hug you 4x!

For those asking how does the perfume smell? The Purr's scent is fresh with a citrus twist which also features peach nectar and apple with green bamboo. It also includes a "delicate bouquet of jasmine blossom, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose, balanced by vanilla orchid, white amber, creamy sandalwood and musk."  

For those who were at the launch, you may see your pictures at their FB page: KatyPerryFragrancesPH.

For other pictures at the event check out on FB: Pix Avenue Fan Page


  1. i guess we'll have to wait for the concert blog to see our pics... :)

  2. Hi! Ofcourse! =) pa-suspense muna. hehehe

  3. dascool :] btw is that her on the perfume cover ??

  4. Cool talaga korks! ;-) yep, that's her!

  5. Cool talaga korks! ;-) yep, that's her!


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