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November 03, 2011


♫♪ Ha la la la la, l-listen closer to the words I lay
       Ha la la la la, it's all about the wordplay...  ♪♫♪

The American Singer-Songwriter Jason Mraz recently held a one-night acoustic concert at SMART-Araneta last October 30th, 2011 with his good friend, Toca Rivera. When I heard that my Mr. A-Z is visiting Manila, I immediately told my sister she's coming with me to see the concert (hahah no questions asked, coz' I know she'll say yes!) and texted my friend Bonna and asked her to come with me too!  I surely don't want to miss this chance, when I already did the first time he came to Manila in 2005.

Mr. A-Z was also at the MTV EXIT event the night before his concert to show his support in stopping human trafficking and exploitation. 

Photo Courtesy of MTV EXIT Facebook
While on the day of his acoustic concert, my sister and I arrived at the venue an hour before the show starts, I thought I'll see a huge line of people coming at the entrance, but guessed everyone were already inside so entering the Smart-Araneta gates was a breeze.  This means that everyone else came in early to grab good seats!

The Tickets!

Me and Bonna
The sound check guys.
There were still a lot of empty seats around 7:30PM, so grabbed the chance of taking a few pics while waiting.

My sister mowdel look. Blazer by Penshoppe (plugging, lol)
Me posing for a Wendy's Ad hahahaha!
The crowd went wild as soon as Jason and Toca went up on stage. Screams of eager fans surrounded the coliseum. Seriously, my heart was pounding so hard that night that I wanted to jump off from my seat and climb on that stage! LOL.  I was so looking forward for this night for years since I missed his previous Manila concert, and now that it has come true, the excitement running on my veins are like fireworks bursting! 

Toca and Jason Prepares the stage
Audience' cameras light up the venue.
Jason strumming his 2nd guitar. 
My sister, Mae, busy taking videos.   

Jason Mraz sings his heart out! =)

 I've found my soulmate in Jason Mraz and his music.

My favorite on the concert's setlist were everything! But I could only recall the following (pardon me for having a memory loss):
  • Live High
  • The World As I See It
  • A Beautiful Mess
  • You and I Both
  • The Remedy / Wonderwall (Oasis Interlude)
  • Life Is Wonderful
  • Butterfly
  • The Freedom Song
  • I'm Yours - this was the finale song.

Toca Rivera and Jason Mraz saying goodbye as they end the show. (Awww, I don't want to end this night!)
Guess who I bumped into after the concert? Yael Yraz of Spongecola

The concert was unbelievably amazing! Bilib ako kina Jason at Toca, akalain mo, dalawa lang sila sa stage, and they were able to perform so great that the audience asked for more! I feel that the two and a half hour show is not enough! I want more! We want more! Can I take you home my Mr.A-Z? heheheh

"How you do anything is how you do everything.  So are you one that's just gonna sit on your hands through life, or you gonna dance and let go and have a good time on this ride?" ~ Jason Mraz, October 30th, Smart-Araneta Coliseum, Manila (I love what he just said at the concert while he asked us to do a high five. This made sense right?  Good thing, I caught most of his performances with this on video)

By the way, Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera is touring the world and is making a documentary of how amazingly wonderful each place they visit is. I wonder when will they release this. I'll sure grab the first copy! :)

At the end of the Manila show, Jason also made a promise to all of his fans that he'll be back in 2012. Yipppee! I'll see you again! Hope next time I could take a picture with you. Please?

Please Mr.A-Z, just one photo with you?

By the way, you'll know that you had a great concert night when you're hearing the songs from the show play in your head over and over and over and over again even without the actual song playing.  And yes, Mr.A-Z, I had an awesome night! We all did! Your songs can't stop playing in my head for days!  My only consolation is that, 2012 is not that long to wait. :)  See you soon in Manila!


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