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October 21, 2011


I'm a fangirl, and am proud to be one! At dahil dyan, I couldn't bare to miss Super Junior's 3D Concert Movie, brought to Manila by PULP Productions, courtesy of Ms. Happee Sy.  

I did see the Super Junior: Super Show 3 last February 26th, 2011 in Araneta Colisuem (hindi pa sya SMART-Araneta that time) with my SVIP Tickets (yabang! hehehe) but I still want to relive the concert that's why I went to see the movie.   Aside from the fact that a friend of mine made kulit! hehehe, I didn't have money and watching it was not one of my itinerary for my Birthday month, pero I still went because of my love for Super Junior and Kim Heechul (my Super Junior bias) who is now fulfilling his military obligations.
At syempre dahil love ko si Sheena (ung friend ko na makulit... hehehe..)

The concert movie was first released in Seoul, South Korea on February 25th, Filipino fangirls and fanboys would get to experience it now in select theaters nationwide. For screenings, please see below:

Promise! When I saw the movie, because it's on 3D, super lapit! As if you're on the SVIP & VVIP sections! No kidding! Better go and see it for you to experience it.

Now for the Pics Galore!

The Standees!

E.L.Fs lining up for the picture-taking!

Me with Eun-Hae!

My friend Sheena with her Eun-Hae! (all smiles talaga)

The PULP booth (with Ms.Happee & Sir Vernon, kita nyo? :] )

Heenim! (Opkors!) 

Movie Time!!! 

Not yet convinced? Watch this!



  1. haha ako na ang makulit na friend! love it! :D

  2. hehehe... Ms.Anonymous, aka Sheena, sana di ba nde Anonymous name mo hehehe...


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