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December 24, 2011


The Christmas Tree has always been one of the many symbols of the season.  A lot of us put so much effort into putting up one, by hanging a lot of ornaments, christmas lights, and the star at the top of the tree.  

I've learned that the Christmas Tree originated from Germany in the 16th Century, that the Americans adopted to the tree so late because they find it odd, and that not until in 1846 when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were illustrated in some London newspaper standing with the Christmas Tree along with their kids that the Christmas Tree finally arrived.  All these, thanks to The History Channel! LOL

At home, Christmas is very evident with a lot of our Santa Claus decors, the Parol (Christmas Lantern), the lights, and of course our very own giant Christmas tree!  (It may not be as huge as the one in Araneta, but it sure is big for us...)  What makes it special, as in really really special, is the time our family shared putting it up, and the gifts under the tree! All of these were brought about with L.O.V.E. (Awwww, cheesy!)

Gifts for you!
While writing this, I find myself listening to this song, over and over and over! *c,*

Despite of, I still wish that everyone will still remember the true meaning of Christmas, and why Christmas is here.  Never forget that December 25th is Jesus Christ's Birthday, and not the Santa Claus' day.  Always think that it's the season of giving since Papa God gave Jesus to us on this day, and He is the best gift, all of us ever received.

Continue to be a blessing to others!

Remember too, that when we greet everyone a "Merry Christmas," we are reminding them of, "MARY CHRIST MASS!"


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