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April 18, 2012


It was just a regular day, hanging out at home browsing Youtube for anything fun to watch when I ran into this video. This is worth sharing, hence, I blogged.


 mu·sic [ myzik ]

1. sounds that produce effect:  sounds, usually produced by instruments or voices, that are arranged or played in order to create an effect

2. art of arranging sounds:  the art of arranging or making sounds, usually those of musical instruments or voices, so as to create an effect

3. written music:  written notation indicating the pitch, duration, rhythm, and tone of notes to be played

4. pleasing sound:  a sound or group of sounds that creates a desired effect
"the music of the wind in the trees" 

Music affects everyone.  It is the most powerful tool to get your message heard.  Why do you think politicians would come up with their own campaign jingles during elections? Why do lovers have their own love songs?  Watch this video to find out what music can do for you.

I personally couldn't take the thought of entrusting my parents at a nursing home when they grow old.  I firmly believe that the old people  need more love from their families, and taking care of them is perhaps as greatly important as music is... to make a miracle.


  1. Nice post! Music keeps me going too. ^^

  2. awwww.. thanks Jess! ^_^ same here... rock n' roll!


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