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November 12, 2011

3 STARS AND THE SON ~ Elmo Magalona

I cannot help but put this on my blog.  This one's trending at #1 in the Philippines earlier.  I really thought it was just the song of the Master Rapper, Francis Magalona, with the same title (3 Stars and the Sun), but after taking a really good look at it, the title says, "3 STARS AND THE SON," and so now the new kid had just release his first track on his upcoming album!

 lot of people have been giving nice reviews and comments on this, and so curiosity strucked me, I hit on play, listened to it, and was surprised that this is a new track that everyone's going gaga over with since its release last night at
11:11pm, November 11th, 2011!  Don't you just call it LUCKY or just pure talent?  I would say talent and charm! *wink! :) 


This would definitely be a hit song! I'm not a musician but I do know how to appreciate great music.  Nice blending between Billy Crawford, Jay-R, Kris Lawrence, and of course Elmo Magalona!  Kudos guys! 

Play the song so you'll know what I mean! :)

Lyrics are here too if you want to sing-along with it!

3 Stars and The Son (feat. Kris Lawrence, Jay-R and Billy Crawford)
Elmo Magalona


Guess who’s the new kid on the block
Taking my game straight to the top
Knocking these joints out one by one
3 stars and the son, we just havin fun

Verse 1

I know I’m 17 but I got big dreams
3 stars I’m the son yeah that’s my team
Rocking shows that’s my thing, though I don’t wear no bling
I got my own swag lemme show you what I mean
Y’all know my name, I’m switchin lanes for fame
Big shoes to fill, I got it all for real
I represent for my pop, rest in peace with the God
I’m the untouchable kid, ain’t no time to stop
All the lessons I’m learnin, stay on my grind as I’m workin
Got all the help that I’m gettin, haters back up get ya steppin
Pop’s got my back up in heaven, yo I know he be watchin
Guidin me through this while I be spittin, Imma make him proud ‘til I finish yup


Verse 2

By now y’all know what the business is
While other kids play this boy’s serious
Ain’t got no time for the booty poppin, I see them ladies jockin
Now watch what I say when the beat comes knockin
Hot and fresh out the kitchen, I’m young and fly with a mission
Now listen up pay attention, ain’t no such thing as a problem
Cuz all I got is solutions, the future’s here gotta love it
I’m having fun while I live it, crossing ova dunk while I’m winning
All the time in the world, get with the girls, stay in school gotta live n’ learn
Don’t drink don’t smoke not my concern, shining star crash and burn
Just tryna be somebody while I rock your party
3 stars, yeah I’m the son tell everybody


Kris L:
Im the first star in this all-star team
I gotta give it up
Cuz im living my dream
Can i get an EY-YO
3 Stars takin over your radio

Now it’s my turn
And they call me Jay-Star
Shinin so bright
See me comin from afar
Known as the prince of RnB
It’s about that time we lift this industry

I ain’t tryna fool you
Im the 3rd star in this crew
Low drop it low
Lil Moe we got it all for you
Droppin these hits like it ain’t a thang
3 stars and the Son we just doin our thang
Guess who’s the new kid on the block
Taking my game straight to the top
Knocking these joints out one by one
3 stars and the son we just having fun (we just having fun) (2x)
3 stars and the son we just having fun


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