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November 10, 2011


I dreamt of traveling around the world and spend months on one country just to learn their language, culture, taste their food, and dress up like a local.  I want to explore and expand my boundaries.

Love your own. Before seeking other cultures, why not explore first the Motherland, right? That was my thought, plus it's less costly. ^_^

Although I have not been able to travel at least half of the world nor explore at least half of our native land, I would still say that having been to PALAWAN is like discovering a very precious gem.  No other word can best describe it's wonders, as it simply shines on its own.

The first time I've visited Palawan was in 2007, with my four best-girls (Aissa, Chary, Jalet, Malen,) and my constant travel buddies. It was from then on, that we have realized how blessed we Filipinos are for having this majestic nature, and how great God is for creating this wonderful architecture!

Let me tour you around Puerto Princesa, Palawan through pictures.

As soon as we arrived at the Puerto Princesa Aiport, we can't help ourselves but goofed around the camera and posed.  This spelled E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T for us!

By the way, please don't get confused. I know Jalet's native bag says Boracay. 
We are not in Bora, Palawan po kami, Palawan, hahaha. Mabuti na ang klaro! =)

During our 5-day vacay, we stayed at Aissa's relatives, Tita Lelet and Tito Rolly Conadera's house. 

To Tita Lelet
and Tito Rolly: Thank you po for all those delicious foods and taking good care of us, kahit magulo kami! hehehe... Until our next visit po :)

On our first day of visit, immediately after eating brunch prepared for us by Tita Lelet, we started our tour of Palawan.  One of the first few stops we did was at BAKER'S HILL. 

Baker's Hill is like a small-village themed-park with mini-zoos, human-sized statues, cottages, bakery, and some benches for you to dine in.

It's actually situated on a hill overlooking the city. You'll know you've arrived at Baker's Hill as soon as you smell freshly baked cookies and pastries! Yummy!

Other tourist spots we went to were the following:






Prison or being imprisoned is an idea that I would always shake off my mind, yet Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, is like heaven for prisoners, as it is essentially a village and not a prison.  There's no tight security in the area, when you visit the place you'll see the prisoners just anywhere, and no one tried to escape despite of because they are like free men out there!  They are given the chance to live with their families while they serve their sentence and are provided with vocational activities of their choice.  The people are all friendly.  I even bought a lot of souveniers from them like figurines, keychains, picture frames, etc as a pasalubong and to help them earn a living.  So, if you are in Palawan, please visit them too. :)


The Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is also known as CROCODILE FARMING INSTITUTE.  They are built to conserve two species of crocodiles (Crocodylus Porosus & Crocodylus Mindorensis.)   They have cages for baby crocs and adult crocs, plus you can also take a photo of you holding a baby croc if you're brave enough to carry one. =)  

The Hungry Baby Crocs :)

The entire trip won't be complete if you don't visit Palawan's UNDERGROUND RIVER, located in Sabang.  I recalled it was a long and dusty drive just to get there.  The roads weren't concrete at the time, so it was a bumpy ride for us too, but now I have heard that new roads and a new resort were already built to give tourist more comfort in traveling.

To get to the Palawan Subterranean River National Park itself from Sabang, you have to take a banca ride from the port. I believe it would take you 30 minutes or less, but as soon as you get there, the travel is really worth it!

When we arrived at the island, we still have to trek inside the well-preserved forest.  I easily get tired walking but this one's different, I enjoyed every minute of it, even if it was a bit scary for me.  Pardon me, I'm a city girl and since this is a virgin forest the thought of snakes and bayawak may just be roaming around is really frightening. =(  Oh well, I guess that's the result of too much adventure movies.

The nicest thing though is even if you're scared, your friends will always be there to make it all away. *wink! So, say cheese!

Inside the forest, there's another route you can take if you are really up for adventure.  You can choose to explore the
MONKEY TRAIL.  It is that long wood stairs going deep into the forest, parang mala-Tarzan na trail going to Tarzan's house, hehehe.  My thought at first, "maybe we will see the herd of monkeys as soon as we reach the top," but no! 

To my surprise, the monkeys were everywhere on the trail! I wasn't sure if too much sunlight has blinded me or if the monkeys camouflaged themselves so effectively, that's why I didn't see them ahead of time, 

After that 10-15minutes forest walk, we arrived at our destination! 
 My jaw dropped in awe, as soon as I see this clear blue river and the cave hole.  Hello, Underground River! 

The banca would be able to accommodate seven passengers including the guide.  Since we are five girls traveling, a solo-backpacker from Russia or Scotland (I can't remember) joined us.  
Ready? (at si kuya all-smile din, hehehe)

It was super exciting! Papasok pa lang kami ng cave and I felt like I am just about to discover a hidden treasure!

The Underground River also is a home to other cove dwelling faunas such as bats.

Inside, we saw a lot of stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes and sizes.  The one below looks like a big corn.

As we go deep into the river trail, naging blackout ang paligid at sobrang tahimik.  It was too quiet that I can only hear my own breathing; and the only thing that helped us  see our way was the light from our banca.  According to our manong guide, if we will still continue our journey until the other side of the river, mahihirapan na kaming huminga kasi nga sobrang kulob na 'yung place and wala ng masyadong hangin na pumapasok.  Plus, it would be dangerous since there might be crocodiles and other other living creatures that are not used to any disturbance from tourists.

On our way back to
Puerto Princesa from our Sabang adventure, we stopped at LION CAVE for some caving experience!

It was another long walk from the main road to get to the cave. It was not easy going there, even if we have a kuyang tour guide.  Masakit sa paa promise!  But when we reached our destination, parang another scene lang sa "Indiana Jones'" ang aming nakita!  Another adrenaline rush for me!

Because we are in Palawan, dapat syempre mag-island-hopping at bisitahin ang beach!




Food-trip is one of the best perks in traveling.  I love coffees, sundaes, and cakes, that's why I was so glad that we found Palawan's very own version of Starbucks, the

Their beverages and cakes are not that sweet and super delicious! What's more is that, their price is really cheap, ranging from 50 pesos to only a hundred for your frappe!

And they come with their signature dolls,
the Lolo and Lola. Super cute!

Ok, wag ulet malito, asa Palawan pa din kami at hindi sa Vigan! hahaha

With all of these adventures, wouldn't you agree that PALAWAN is one hot-spot in the Philippines that you shouldn't miss visiting? If you love the place as I did, why not go ahead and VOTE for Palawan's Underground River as one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

My pictures say a thousand words.  If the Underground River wins, the entire nation wins!

Text your vote now, by sending PPUR to 2861 or by visiting 

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