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November 18, 2011


"No measure of time with you will be long enough.   But we'll start with forever." 
~ Edward Cullen

One of the much anticipated movie of the year, and worldwide phenomenon, Breaking Dawn Part 1  from the Twilight Saga just had it's premiere gala, last night, November 17th, 2011, 8PM, at the SM Premiere Cinema, Mall of Asia

The theater were full of Twilight enthusiasts eager to catch the film first before it's scheduled public screening on November 18th, just like me, my sister Mae, and her buddy Jazzie. =)

The event kicked off with a brief program including raffling of prizes from the sponsors. Too bad they didn't raffle off Twilight items like, DVDs, posters, T-shirts, etc which I hoped for, and perhaps the entire audience, because it seemed that only a handful showed interest. That's a pity (I know right?)  Anyhow, I still get to take home something, as all of the movie goers were able to receive freebies too like Alaska Yogurt Drink, Duty Free Complimentary Card, Schick Razors, and Breaking Dawn 2012 Calendar.

Advanced screenings were also held simultaneously that night at Cinemas 3 & 4 of Mall of Asia, and at Cinema 8 of SM Megamall for customers who availed promos from Ensogo, Groupon, SM, and Astroplus.

Our Wedding Invitation a.k.a Premiere Tickets

Melai and Jazzie

Freebies at the red carpet!

The freebies plus the premiere ticket.
I am very much impressed with how Taylor Lautner's character as Jacob, and how his acting abilities have grown in this film (sorry, I am on Team Jacob ^_^) This time too, I get to see the sexier side of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, and Robert Pattinson is still as charming as before being Edward Cullen. Oh, and by the way, the baby Renesme is really cute! Better grab your tickets now to see it for yourself, and tell me who's side are you on? =)

FYI: Please make sure you stay after the closing credits because there's still more, and it's worth the wait! 


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