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January 09, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines!

"It's more fun in the Philippines," is the most recent campaign of the Department of Tourism for our country to gain more visitors from around the globe.  The campaign name itself is catchy, matched with its logo, that signifies the Filipino's colorful culture and heritage.

The slogan was even reported trending #1 via twitter an hour after DOT released the campaign.  Sadly, this ad, again shows that we do not have any originality as this is yet another copycat from a Swiss' 1951 ad.

The first time was when DOT released a slogan, very much similar with Poland's.

Honestly, I think the old DOT's campaign when Sec. Gordon was still the head, was very unique and was indeed a success.  In case we couldn't come up with anything original, I believe we can still use this.

However, I can still give the new campaign a thumbs up!  The logo has much more color and vibrant. It talks so much about the Philippines, and the people.  Foreigners who have been in the country can attest how wonderful it is to come here, hence, "it's more fun in the Philippines."

You may visit for more information.

For me, "It's more fun in the Philippines" because:

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  1. too bad that our slogans are not an original one! but it can still capture the eyes of many. good thing you posted this.

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  2. whether it is or not the slogan is copied, it is helping our country to be known and more tourist are coming in. It don't depends on how the the name was, but how the country is. Keep on posting.

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