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January 09, 2012


MOA EYE is the newest attraction at the San Miguel By The Bay, Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  True to its claim of being "The Tallest and Biggest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines," it stands 180 ft. or 55 m. with thirty-six (36) air-conditioned gondolas, each carrying a maximum of six (6) passengers!

The MOA EYE, was opened to the public on December 18th, 2011 at 6PM, with tickets on a discount for only ₱100. The ride now costs ₱150. Don't worry, the wheel doesn't rotate fast like any other Ferris Wheel.  It turns slow enough for you to capture the scenery.  The entire ride takes about 10-15 minutes.   

Even when I'm at our office building, this gigantic Ferris Wheel is just an eye-view away. :)

So, on the eve of December 26th, my friends and I finally tried the MOA EYE, which we have been planning for days. I was too excited to try it out that I even forgot that I have a huge fear of heights! LOL, Hence, the first 65 seconds of my ride experience was tough. :(

The Tickets

The view

Look! It even changes it's color! :)

The Ticket Station.  Now we're ready!

I am really in awe as soon as get closed to the Ferris Wheel.  I felt like a kid again, thirst
for excitement!

When you look closely, the metal bars are really huge!

View from the side.  

Look at the lines! "Blockbuster!" =)

This is how big the gondola is.

Because I got a little dizzy on my first 65 seconds of the ride, my friend Richard was busy taking photos while we were on it, and was gracious to share all of them for this blog. (Gracias Richard!)

This is me looking scared. Hahaha!

The truth was, I was holding the metal bar all the time, except when my photos are taken. Hehehe!

My friends Richard and Joanne.

and Neil, looking all so happy! 

My friends enjoying the ride!  Ako biyahilo, toink! LOL

Look at how tight I was holding the bar!  Hahaha!

The ride is amazing promise! I enjoyed it except for the first part, LOL.  I believe it would have been more enjoyable if we take the MOA EYE in the afternoon, when the Manila Bay is still visible. I really couldn't see much except for the lights of the SMB Amusement Park, the Microtel Hotel, the cars, the mall other establishments.  So, if you are planning to experience the MOA EYE, better go there during sunset so you can have the full view of the metro!


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