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May 17, 2013


I've always waited for my ROCKET TO COME; and when I finally had it, it was all worthwhile!  LUCKY enough, I get to hug and kiss the GEEK IN THE PINK, and prayed dearly to MAKE IT MINE,  to make it last , but YOU AND I BOTH know, this WORDPLAY does make sense only to a true fangirl like me.   One thing was certain, I'M YOURS even if we're 93 MILLION MILES apart after this.  =)

Jason Mraz Live in Manila
Soundcheck Party
Meet and Greet
May 14, 2013

LOVE is a Four Letter Word CD + My Soundcheck Pass

Photo from Ovation Productions of us at the Soundcheck Party.

My treasured photo-op with Mr.A-Z.

Random Shots during the Soundcheck Party:




For photos and happenings of the concert, check out:  Jason Mraz & his band in Manila post.

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